Monday, August 24, 2015


First things first....I want to extend a big sloppy wet kiss to all of you who ordered the KoothXMAKERS t shirt combo.
 They moved really quickly and it was a huge show of support, so stay tuned for our line of womens swimwear and hair products!
 The first 3 photos are the MAKERS furniture in action.
For us, to see our work dressed up like this is like seeing a suit.
 The other day a woman came to the shop to rent furniture for her daughters wedding. Zack stopped what he was doing to go speak with the potential client, and I pretty much kept on welding.
 Once it dawned on me that I was being totally rude, I went to join in on the conversation. The negotiation process was already in motion, and as I was surveying the pieces she wanted to rent, it occurred to me that all the pieces are covered in an inch of sawdust.
 She gave zero fucks and rented a bunch of pieces. She understood she was in a work shop and not a showroom, she also didn't need to see the pieces staged in order to complete her vision of her daughters event.
 WE...have worked our asses off.
We have lost, we have won, we have succeeded, we have failed, we have starved, we have gone through every mind fuck that you could possibly imagine, and finally...finally, we're gaining some ground.
 Mary and Gabbi from LM Catering have dragged every potential client into our dirty smelly shop that they can get their hands on, ya know why? Well, I like to think it's because we make cool shit, but more importantly, I think it's because we're nice (and Zack is handsome). No drama, no ego, just 2 guys trying to make a life out of doing what they love.
 Being "nice" isn't something you should have to work at. Our Mommas raised us right, we treat people how we want to be treated. It's effortless,
 Before we gave that woman pricing on renting our stuff, we were told how her previous event planner stole $30,000 from her. Can you imagine eating a 30K shit sandwich? We gave the woman a great deal because life doesn't have to be a series of bad experiences.
 Give a little, get a little and you'll at the very least sleep better in knowing that you did the right thing.
 The last photo is my boy.
Sometimes his mom drops him off at the shop on her way to work. He loves coming to the shop.
 This last visit, he actually brought his "work boots", just in case he was gonna have to do some hard work.
 Lately, I've been trying to teach him the value of money, and how you have to work to get the things you want.
 He's been wanting this dinosaur DVD and I told him that he would have to earn it. I set him up on a work bench and had him sand a hand carved table top that I've been working on. I used a hand forged Adze to scoop out the innards and it leaves all these marks in the finished surface that need to be sanded smooth. He did a horrible job, but he sat there for over an hour working on each little mark. One hour doing anything tedious is difficult for an adult much less a 5 year old, but he sat there silently sanding.
 We went to Target on the way home, and I handed him the money for the DVD and let him pay for it. That DVD now had a real and tangible value to it. He EARNED it, and he knew he earned it.
 The cashier handed Max his change and he asked me if he could keep the change. I let him keep the change and on the way out he said "wanna stop at Starbucks, I'll buy you a coffee", I let my little man buy his old man a cup of coffee. He bought me that coffee with a new swagger.
 I've handed him money to pay for stuff lots of times, kids love that shit, but before, there was a shyness and he would hand me my change like it was on fire. He bought me that coffee like a man. He was confident, strong and most of all, he was proud. No where near as proud as me though.

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