Monday, August 17, 2015


On Wednesday August 19th at 10am, the MAKERS X KoothBrand T-Shirt will be available at
 It's pretty exciting for all of us.
A lot of work went into this release.
 There are only 25 shirts being released and each one comes with a hand made MAKERS railroad spike hook.
 The shirts are $40 plus $6 shipping. Before you get sticker shock, understand this....these aren't some bullshit Fruit of the Loom t shirts, these are indigo 100% fine ring spun cotton that were hand pulled screen printed from Ramona Press in Austin Texas.
 Allow me to explain where this idea came from...
"WE" as in me and Zack are MAKERS. That is the name of our company. The name was thought up one Friday night.  Now, when you think of pretty much any company name, there's no relation to you. NIKE, DEWALT, THE GAP, HOME DEPOT, do you feel a direct connection? I sure as shit don't, but with MAKERS, our company name is shared.
 MAKERS is shared by every welder, woodworker, jean maker, screen printer, photographer, mechanic, etc...If  you make something, well, you're a MAKER, and welcome to the family.
 When I thought of the concept for this project, I thought of Kooth.
Shayne is a father and a husband. He designs hand crafted high quality goods and apparel that combine traditional worker aesthetic with modern day touches. Kooth isn't just about clothing, they want their clothing to tell a story about the hard working men and women that are using their hands to rebuild America.
 Well fuck me runnin' because that's pretty parallel to what the MAKERS represent.
If you order a shirt this Wednesday, wear it with pride, because I know that  90% of people who are gonna order it, are indeed MAKERS. Usually when you buy something like this, you're like"fuck yeah, I'm gonna support these guys, I believe in them...." but no-no-no my friends, buy it cause you believe in you. Buy it cause you trust your own hand not ours. Don't get me wrong, we love your support, but this little project is to be shared by all. There's a difference between buying a shirt and OWNING a shirt.
I'm going to push this whole thing even further.
 If you buy a shirt, take a photo of yourself wearing the shirt at work, write a little info about what you make and email it to and I'm gonna post each and every photo I get on an upcoming blog post.
 This is the start of my greatest build ever.
Me and Zack can make cool shit all day long, but our greatest build is going to be building a community.


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