Monday, August 3, 2015


Ah yes....The standing desk.
 Apparently, the pencil pushers are wising up to the fact that their asses are expanding at an alarming rate. In order to halt the expansion, someone declared that it would be hip and cool as well as health conscious, to stand up at your desk.
 Me personally....I haven't spent more then 5 minutes at a desk, so who am I to say if it's a good thing or a bad one. I can confirm that I do not have a expanding ass problem, so maybe there is some validity to being on your feet all day.
 Regardless of my personal opinion on office place etiquette, I decided to make a rustic version of the modern day standing desk.
 The white collars may be on to something because I can report that it is surprisingly comfortable to stand at this desk.
 I'm not one to follow trends, but if I can squeeze a nickel outta a furniture trend, well then nickels I shall have.
 I see it more as a leather worker table, or for guys like Zack and I when we're doing more delicate work, like carving or burning. I also see it as kitchen work space. It's pretty versatile and functional, and those are 2 key elements in design.
 Now, maybe this is the item that puts me and Zack behind the wheel of exotic motorcycles, and restored vintage trucks, or at dinners of fancy restaurants that I can't pronounce the names of? A shake of the magic 8 ball says "probably fuckin' not", but ya never know. I do know that I had fun making it, I know that if I never sold one, I would use the shit out of it, so regardless if the concept is a commercial winner or loser...I won already.
 Things around the MAKERS shop have been ridiculously busy, but we've been having fun.
We have the shop bike build, Joe Caccitore has been throwing projects at us where we have creative freedom, Gertrude Inc. had us making something that was already cool, even cooler, Zack has gone rogue on me and is building out his roof deck, and from the one photo that I've seen, his deck is gonna make every DWELL magazine subscriber cum in their chinos, and as if things weren't already hectic enough, we're doing a collaborative T-Shirt with KOOTH BRAND (WWW.KOOTHBRAND.COM).
 The T-Shirt design is based around "the golden handshake" image between Levi Strauss and Cone Mills in 1915.
 Kooth Brand makes work wear out of Texas. Shayne from Kooth has built his brand with his own 2 hands, and has made a strong commitment to the American worker. The idea behind the collab T-shirt is with the first 25 shirts, a hand made MAKERS railroad spike hook will be included with the T-Shirt purchase. KOOTH makes work wear and the MAKERS are the definitive American worker, so it just makes sense.
 I had the idea for the collab, and text'd Shayne, 20 minutes later Shayne emailed me a mock up for the shirt, and within 24 hours he was ordering shirts to print and Zack and I were cutting and welding. No contracts, no licensing agreements, no lawyers involved, just a couple of guys with a respect for each others work...the 2015 version of "the golden handshake".
 THAT my friends is how America was built.
Trust and mutual respect. So simple.
 We never, not once talked about money. Ya know why? There is no fuckin' money.
After Shayne's expenses, and our expenses, we're both gonna lose...financially.
 In the end, everyone, including the customer is gonna win.
Our customers and friends will discover KOOTH, and their customers and friends will discover us, and we all move forward with a expanded base. It's grassroots marketing and it works.
 You'll never be rewarded for your efforts overnight so never expect that. Expect to lose and you'll never be disappointed, and with that mind set, the wins become that much sweeter.

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