Monday, September 14, 2015


For the most part, I like to post photos and stories around  the furniture we make.
 We don't just make furniture, although sometimes I wish we did.
This space was created for a marketing firm called LIMITLESS. From my understanding they  are a sports related marketing firm, hence the backboard theme.
 The mounting of these 200lb backboards required a lot of steel. We recently got a new steel supplier who are much closer to the shop. The downfall to this supplier is that they only sell in huge lengths that are either 20' or 25' depending on what steel you get. They'll be happy to cut it down for you...if you have 2 or 3 hours to kill and wanna spend more in cutting then you did in the actual steel.
 We didn't have time to wait to have our order cut, so we basically dragged it all out into the middle of the street and cut it down by hand with a dull hack saw, on the hottest day of the year, next to a landfill that apparently only accepted rotten food and human remains as refuse.
 We had less than a week to complete this project and it just so happened that we got commissioned to make a solid steel "martini tree" for the 3rd largest caterer in Chicago at the same time with an even shorter and more unrealistic time line.
  The "Martini Tree" will be a whole new post in and of itself because we didn't even have time to snap photo's of it. In fact, we were doing paint touch ups in front of the caterer's office minutes before it had to be delivered.
 I don't like to rush, or feel rushed, or be rushed.
Maybe it's my age?
When I build, I like to take my time. Back in the day, I used to spend hours staring at a block of wood, mapping out in my head how I was going to manipulate it into something.
 These days, everyone is in such a big fucking hurry, and not just in having work done, but in every aspect of life. I can't tell you how many times I've almost beaten someone to death in the grocery store for ramming their cart into my son because they were in such a huge hurry.
 Maybe I'm wrong (imagine that.) Maybe life is about cramming as much shit as you can into a day regardless of who it affects?
 The other day I'm driving to work. It's early, tons of traffic, and my light turns  green, but there are cars in the intersection so I have no place to go. The guy behind me is going into convulsions over the situation and speeds around me. Well, the lady blocking the intersection decided she would back up to give me room to pass through and slammed into the asshole going around me. 30 seconds...if that guy would have kept it together for 30 more seconds everyone would have been on their merry way. But now Mr. "in a big fuckin hurry" gets to spend about an hour or more dealing with cops and insurance companies as well as how many other people got delayed because of the situation.
 I stand back and watch the chaos of life sometimes and wonder if they're putting cocaine in the water supply.
 Zack put in hella extra hours on these 2 projects.
Me, I have school meetings, doctor appointments for my son, and me and my girl work opposite schedules so that our son is never in the care of strangers.
 I would get to work early to attempt to wrap these projects up, only to find out that Zack stayed until 10pm to get shit done.
 If I'm having something custom made, I don't want the artisan making it to feel rushed. In fact, I want them to be heart broken when they ship it out because they put so much thought, time and effort into creating a piece.
 Our society says otherwise. Hurry-hurry-hurry, now-now-now.
I say "fuck society".

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