Monday, September 28, 2015


In the last week we have had to produce 6 glass backboard desks, 1 conference table, 1 executive desk, 1 kitchen table, 1 standing desk, build a glass store front with custom sliding door, 2 lamps, and railroad spike hooks. In the middle of all that madness, THIS desk, somehow was made.
 The customer for this desk had a budget that wouldn't even be able to fund my last pair of jeans, but there were circumstances that dictated that we take on this project.
 Zack drew up the design for this piece, and he managed to procure the absolute shittiest wood remaining on the planet earth to facilitate this piece.
 I like shitty wood, but there is shitty wood and there is really really shitty wood, and we got to play the hand dealt to us.
 I'm not a "gloomy Gus", I usually maintain a pretty positive outlook even in the darkest of situations, but when Zack pulled this lumber out of the trash, I'm like "I don't know man...I don't know."
 Shitty lumber is going to yield some really unique qualities. It can be challenging to work with, but the end results are usually pretty stunning. With this particular build, we went from being Craftsmen, to becoming Trauma ward surgeons.
 This desk has been stitched up with various hardwood dovetails (oak, cherry, and walnut) on the visible sides, on the bottom it is secured with 3/16 steel gussets.
 The desk, although was purchased for 1/4 of what it's actually worth, came out amazing.
It had to be amazing because even though we made a lousy deal, WE still made the deal at the end of the day, and if our name is gonna be branded on it, it's gotta be nothing short of amazing.
 I will never make some bullshit just to get it out the door.
I'm obsessive compulsive when it comes to what we make, and there's no way I could sleep at night knowing that we sent some hacky shit out of our shop.
 I used to get offended when people would approach us with a laughable budget, but I've become more compassionate because I've developed an understanding that some people are just fucking stupid.
 Stupid is pretty harsh, I'd like to replace "stupid" with "clueless".
Most people have never had anything custom made.
 Most people buy whatever television repeatedly crams down their throat.
They have zero concept of what is entailed in having something custom made and therefore they cannot attach a value to it.
 When my son does something stupid, I don't yell at him, I explain to him why (whatever he did) was not a good decision. I only explain once, if he does it again, it's "out come the wolves".
 I try to treat customers the same. I'll break down the process minute by minute and draw a lateral to the expenses involved. At that point I've given them enough information to where they get to make a decision.
 They can make a good decision or a bad my 5 year old.
A good decision would be to accept my price, adjust their vision to match their budget, or to seek elsewhere.
 A bad decision would be to devalue our time based on their wants.
Nobody wants to make a bad decision...that would be bad.
 Anyway, the desk came out rad, and this jerk off didn't pick it up when he was supposed to, but that's all neither here nor there, because at the end of the day it's about our work. It's about us making things we are proud of regardless of all the weirdo personalities we have to deal with and I can attest that people are really fucking weird.
 This lucky bastard got the deal of a lifetime and I'm pretty sure that he's absolutely clueless about that fact.
C'est la vie.

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