Monday, September 21, 2015


 I wasn't going to blog today.
 Not because we haven't built anything cool this week, on the contrary, we're building like maniacs.
Everything is in a state of partial completion, so I didn't think it was necessary to post photos of uncompleted work.
 There is a funny story that prompted this post though.
The other day I was washing my sons feet in the shower. He's like a little hippy, he hates socks and hates shoes even more, so he always ends up with "bum feet".
 He's sitting in the tub with the shower raining down on him as I scrub his gross little feet, and he starts tugging on his penis and stretching it into the collected water. I shoot him a puzzled look and he says to me "this thing is crazy".
 I know the penis is "crazy", but I'm curious about his interpretation. He asks "this thing is just for peeing?" to which I reply "right now son...just for peeing."
 The next day I'm telling Zack the story and he said "what you should've told him is right now it's just for peeing, but one will take over your entire brain!"
 Truer words have never been spoken, and as funny as that statement is, it made me think about how I have gotten to where I am. penis got me here. (Thanks for the ride...dick.)
My trusty penis helped make a beautiful baby boy who changed the entire course of my life.
 I remember being confused and frightened when he was born, more importantly, I knew I had to step my game up.
 For a father, the "baby years" suck. You spend your time working, cleaning shit and vomit and just keeping a tiny human alive.
Now though, now we're in the golden years. Now he's at a stage where he's learning from me as much as I'm learning from him.
 Without him, there would be no Breclaimed or MAKERS.
All my life decisions revolve around what's best for him, so my son is essentially paving my destiny.
 Lately, we have been discovering the city together.
Mom works weekend nights, so Max and I have been taking the subway and going on weekend explorations.
 These little adventures are learning experiences for both of us that we will carry for the rest of our lives.
 It's a great way for me to put my life into perspective after the hellish weeks me and Zack have endured lately.
 I build to make my son proud.
There are times when people come to my house, and they'll be like "ohhhh, that is so coool" and Max will step up and say "my dad MADE that."
 Is there a better feeling? No there is not.
There's a meaning and a reason behind all my success's and all my failures. The soul in the pieces that I create alone or collectively with Zack carry a piece of my son as well now.
 That boy is my  reason. He's my purpose. His heart moves my hand.
He has made me softer and kinder as well as stronger and slightly more forgiving, forgiving to myself mostly, but I tend to harbor less resentment these days.
 So...Thanks penis! Ya finally done me right.

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