Monday, October 26, 2015


A much needed change took place at the MAKERS shop this week.
 I've never met a wood worker who hasn't kept just about every scrap of wood, piece of steel, dull saw blade, or broken tool. We, ourselves were guilty of such a crime, and this was the week that we corrected our hoarding ways.
 Dumpsters filled, walls ripped down, and in a matter of a couple days, we turned a scrap yard into a real functional work shop.
 I've always loved the shop, even in it's chaotic state, but's a real pleasure to build in.
This conference table was our first build in the new configuration.
 It was very liberating to be able to flip a 12' piece of steel around and not take half of the shop down in the process.
 I think that this table is defined by our new surroundings. Sleek and functional, clean but still rustic.
One of the cool features of this simple table is steel "L". Big fucking deal, right?
 The "L" is for the company who we built the table for. They're business is based around innovation, so we had to do something innovative.
 Here's where you're thinking "ok, the steel "L" is cool and all, but it's not really innovative in the least".
Right you are my and of itself, it is not remotely innovative.
 The innovation part is how it's mounted on the table.
We could've mortised it in, welded bolts to the bottom, screwed it to the table and the weld over the screw heads...Nope to all of those methods.
 We used magnets.
Lets say this company had a big client like NIKE coming in. They could very simply replace the "L" with a steel NIKE logo.
 If I walked into a meeting, and someone had the MAKERS logo on their conference table, I would think "these mother fuckers baked us a cake....and I LOVE CAKE."
You see, building furniture is simple, but taking something simple and making it unique is the hard part.
 Making something that no one else has is the daily challenge.
It's a giant world filled with smarter people then you or me, fortunately it's polluted with as many if not more dumb fucks.
 The name of the game here is to try to out smart the smart people.
"TRY" is the operative word here.
As long as you try to stay ahead of the smart people, you've all ready surpassed the dumb fucks, so you're already ahead of the game.
 I'm running late this morning, we were all sick this weekend.
It's one thing when your kid is sick and you feel fine, so playing nurse is pretty easy. When everyone has the bug, it's just that much more exhausting.
 Stay healthy my friends.

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