Monday, October 5, 2015


A couple of months ago I had made a standing desk.
 It ended up in my living room, where my girl took ownership of it, and I ended up back at my kitchen table office. How the fuck does that happen? I don't know, but what I do know is that the old saying "happy wife, happy life" reigns true.
 At the same time I was building that standing desk, Zack had made a base for another style of standing desk. As things happen sometimes, you get caught up in the business at hand and things get left undone.
 Well, fast forward to last week, when the guys from LIMITLESS came to our shop to check on the progress of their 6 backboard desks.
 They saw the unfinished base, and inquired about what it was, and when we explained that it was a "standing desk" they were like "duuuude...we NEED one of those!".
 It just so happened that Zack yanked a old fucked up oak top from the building dumpster a couple weeks ago, so once i scraped off all the disgusting gum from underneath the top, and refinished was a very quick build.
 The second photo is a picture of the 6 desks we built in record time for the same client.
I understand that producing multiple pieces is necessary if you need to do things like eat or drive a car or live in a house, but half way through this build, I was thinking to myself "man, I miss falling in love with a piece".
 I love the feeling of those one-off pieces where they consume you. You stare, and pace, and do all these little details to make a piece really warm and unique, and when it's all said and done, you get this warm feeling in your belly and you quietly think to yourself "how in the fuck did I do that?"
 Not a whole lot of that when you knock out 6 desks in 9 days.
We pride ourselves on our care. It's just a whole different mindset to a build. Deadlines and budget dictate how you're going to go about things, and those factors forbid you from finger banging a piece. No dinner and a movie, no backseat foreplay, you go straight to business.
 It's cold and unfulfilling. like a one night stand.
The last photo is the crate nightstands.
 We had done one for a client in NewYork, and I had posted a photo, to a very surprising response.
It's a re-creation of a vintage crate, except it's modified to be night stand height with a shelf.
 Simple, affordable, and pretty cool.
I love old vintage crates, so the fun part for me was aging these to look vintage.
 I never would have thought that we would get so many inquiries about something so simple.
We most likely will be making these in a standard size and adding them to the MAKERSCHICAGO etsy shop.
 Here we are at another Monday, which is a good thing, because if you didn't make it to Monday, that would mean your dead, and it's really difficult to get things done when your dead.
 As long as we're alive, we're in it together, so make it happen.

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