Sunday, November 8, 2015


I usually get up at 4am, brew up some coffee, fire up the Chrome book, and write about what we built the previous week, with added tirades and hopefully some inspirational anecdotes.
 This time, it's Sunday evening, my 5 year old son is laying next to me watching some bullshit on Nickelodeon, while making mental notes from the commercials for his Christmas list.
 The last couple of weeks have been slightly stressful.
We were trying to get a lease locked down for the shop, and although everything worked out, we were in the midst of some mental kung-fu.
 Stay or go. We were torn.
In the end, it's our home.
 It's the place where many hours have been spent laughing, rocking the fuck out, and building furniture as well as our dreams.
 For me, it's hard to build if something is clouding my mind.
The first piece was a shelving unit built for a woman named Mary who does event sales in the building.
 A lot of company's will do lunch meetings during the week, and Mary is notorious for bringing us the left over cookies and muffins.
 Me and Zack are passionate about our snacks, so her frequent deliveries are a welcome perk.
Mary also has brought a slew of clients through our shop, and she is constantly pushing our services on her clients.
 She wanted a piece for a Buddha she had blessed by the Dali Lama or someone else of some Buddhist importance, so it was our pleasure to knock out a simple piece for her relic.
 A little extra goes into a piece built for those who show us kindness. It's sad that acts of kindness are so rare, that you're so taken aback by them, that you feel (or at least I feel) compelled to trump their kindness with more kindness.
 It's a kindness fuck fest around here.
The next piece is a guacamole cart built for a catering company.
 We were handed a drawing, with half of the specs missing, so we kind of wiped our ass with the drawing and built a guacamole tank.
 I was kind of dreading the project because I don't really like guacamole. I also don't like building off of a crude drawing.
 I always feel like, either give me a real drawing, or let me go ape shit with an idea.
My girls biggest complaint about my existence, is that I'm one extreme or the other, or I'm "all or nothing".
 My rebuttal to that is "I've worked for the last 5 years at not being a jag off, so it might take another 5 years for me to fine tune the long list of my other faults".  If things go according to schedule, I should be a perfect human specimen by the year 2020.
 We have a couple of exciting projects coming up this winter which will have us using some different materials, and embracing some more design aspects.
 There are a lot of other things on my mind that I planned on spewing forth, but my kid has Alvin and the Chipmunks on, and it's making my skin crawl. It looks like I'll be continuing my blog posts at 4am, when it's just me, coffee, and the homeless guy who I've see shitting against the electrical post on several occasions.

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