Monday, December 28, 2015


Some builds just mean something to me.
 Sometimes you build because it's what puts food on the table, and sometimes you build because your passion is hungry.
  A million years ago I used to work at Kinko's.
When I would get my check, I would go buy punk records from Wax Trax, hit up the Century mall and try to meet girls, and go to a store called UNTITLED up the street.
 UNTITLED would carry funky clothing brands like Stussy and Fuct, and whatever money I had left over from buying punk records, I would blow on clothing.
 We're talking about the early 90's here. Being a kid and having a full time job with no real responsibilities, it didn't really get any better.
 Fast forward to the present day, and about a year ago, someone tells me I should check out a store in Wicker Park called Mildblend Supply, because they sell the artisan type of clothing that I like.
 I pay the store a visit one day, I'm poking around and I'm looking at this guy and thinking "I know this dude from somewhere", but I couldn't figure out where.
 I left that day, and returned a few months later to get a pair of jeans hemmed.
The familiar man was there, seated at a Union Special sewing machine. I brought my jeans over to him to get hemmed and we started talking. Come to find out that he used to own Untitled back in the day, and it all came back to me.
 We chatted about that era, the 90's, the people we knew, the time stamps of Chicago during that decade like Wax Trax records, and house dj's, the rave scene, and all the wonderful things the 90's had to offer.
 Shortly after that, we built him a display table for his store.
Every time I walk in there, I'm treated like family by Luke, his wife, his daughter, and his staff. Max always comes with me, and he likes looking at all the waxed canvas backpacks and messenger bags, and I have to explain to him that I can't buy him a $500 backpack for his Ninja Turtles.
 Anyway...we became friends and he recently asked for a display table to replace the stacked crates he had been using as a display table.
The first display table we built for him came out really cool, so I wanted to outshine that one.
 This one is steel and some 100 year old wood from a deconstructed church. It was meant to have a smaller table that fit under the display table to hold stock. After I made the smaller table, I decided to put a back on it so that what ever is stored down there, wouldn't end up on the floor behind the table.
 It's more than a retail display table to me and not just because it was built for a friend.
It's a representation of what me and Zack have created over the last year.
 This piece IS the MAKERS.
It's a refined rustic piece, with a unparalleled attention to detail. That's what we do, that's who we are.
 I always get a little emotional around the New Year. Partially because my son was born on New Years day.
New Years eve of 2009, I watched a woman endure 27 hours of excruciating pain. I watched as my son fought his way into this world.
 That day back in 2009/2010, they gave their all, and since that day I've given my all.
Looking back on the last year, I want to thank some people for making this task of dream chasing a reality.
 My family (all of you fucking weirdos), business partner, friend, brother, and therapist, The LM group (Mary, Gabby, Tiffany, Stephan,Nicole), The Cacciatore family, Limitless, Luke and the Mildblend Supply family and staff, Marcus and Salvage One, 3sixteen, Andrew at Freenote Cloth, KOOTH BRAND, ZACEUSA, Keith and his REDTAIL HARDGOODS hooligans, Christophe Loiron and his staff at Mister Freedom, Manuel and the family at IMJIT35020, Alma at Gordon Brothers steel, Cory at LIPPS INC. and everyone who has come through the shop, hung out, bought shit, high fived us, and basically all the people who have been there for us.
 I thank you, we thank you, ya'll have a good year.

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