Monday, January 11, 2016


First Lemmy, now Bowie....and Keith Richards is still alive.
 Aside from losing 2 legends in music, 2016 is starting out rather well.
Although the new bar build wasn't quite a 2016 build, it rolled into the new year.
 This one is a cleaner version compared to our other 3 rolling bars. The rusted steel face is from a freight elevator, the top is from some old factory joists, par for the course around the MAKERS shop.
 This past weekend, we had opened the shop to the public.
It was a good  time. A lot of people came through, a lot of people from other business's in the building hung out to just talk and drink, and quite a few people had inquired about "workshops".
 We have played with the idea of teaching classes. It would probably be as funny as it would be fun, but it probably will never happen for this reason and this reason only....we can't teach people how to THINK.
 Sure we could teach you how to use a saw, how to weld, how to chisel mortises, we could have you building fucking bird houses in no time. We couldn't teach you how to look at an old window or door, and turn it into a rolling bar, or how to chisel away at a rotted tree stump and turn it into a coffee table, or any of those types of things that we do. That's not taught. You either have it or you don't.
 What I can teach everyone without anyone spending money or stepping foot in our shop is this....
If you are going to replicate what someone else has already made, it doesn't qualify as an idea.
 It's good to look at other peoples work, it's great to be inspired by someone else's work, but do you, don't do THEM (whoever "THEM" might be).
 Here's an example.
We have a client that is bringing these massive wood slabs to us. They need bases for these slabs, and the ones that have bases, they need those to be modified.
 I'm a student of the late great George Nakashima.
I love his work, I love his style and approach.
 These slabs are something that Mr. Nakashima would  manipulate into stunning pieces of art. We could have turned those pieces into replicas fairly easily, but instead, we did what WE do, not what Mr. Nakashima would have done.
 So, not only would we not be able to teach one how to think, we could not teach one how to have creative integrity.
 In every aspect of culture, it has become acceptable to take someone's ideas and make them yours.
In art, advertising, music, name it and someone is replicating someone else's work.
 I'm not claiming that we have re-invented the wheel, I'm just saying that our wheel is gonna be way fucking different then your wheel.
 They say "imitation is the highest form of flattery", I say..."imitation makes you an asshole".

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