Monday, February 8, 2016


And so it begins...
 Last week, we started on a restaurant build out.
When I say "started on a build out", that means we spent most of the week either driving to god forsaken places to look at lumber or carrying materials like a Sherpa up Everest.
 Once you have all the pieces of the puzzle, that's when the fun starts. The leg work before you get to that point...that shit is for the birds.
 The restaurant is French. A lot of time went into studying French farm style decor.
I guess we could've winged it, but in my head, what will make this build out unique, is that I want the pieces to convey a story. There is no real story, but I want the customers to feel like they are dining in the French countryside.
 There are probably very few people who are going to take the decor into much consideration as they fill their bellies, but when the final piece is installed, we'll be able to take it all in knowing that we did our homework.
 I can't tell you how many hours that I spent going over photos or flipping through books at Barnes and Noble, just to get a vibe of what French country dining might look like. The kicker is...nobody will give a shit, but me, and once this project is all said and done, I'll most likely never eat there.
 I NEED to know in my heart that I went above and beyond.
Not for the client, not for those dining there, not for some fat ass restaurant critic...for me.
 When you work for someone else, I'm sure most people, at some point...  give it their best. They give it their best until they feel unappreciated, or they're treated like shit. If a business owner or some manager is only concerned about the numbers, well, their Human Resources department is going to be very busy.
 I don't think that companies like Whole Foods or Google have a very high turn over. They do have high profits though.
 I don't know if those types of companies get the "best" out of people all the time, but when it's your name and your company...your best is all you can give.
You see, me and Zack are the fuckin' Wu Tang Clan in this furniture game.
 "Raw we'll give it to ya, with no trivia, raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia" (spoken in my best Dave Chapelle voice).
 We build with heart and hand.
There are 5 shops within a 5 mile radius of us that build really slick, high polished, soul-less, heart-less pieces that I would be happy to give any customer directions to.
 Over the next few weeks, you'll follow us through this build, and get a play by play along the way.
This is a big build for us. It is also pivotal in terms of our future.
 What I'd like to convey in the upcoming posts, is the humanity involved in the process.
This isn't a build where a designer hands over a set of drawings to a shop, where the shop then produces, transports, and installs. This is 2 guys trying to make something, from nothing.

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