Monday, February 22, 2016


2:50am on Thursday and I'm staring at the ceiling in bed.
 I'm an early bird, but being up at that hour was a little over board.
I got out of bed, fired up the coffee machine, poured a cup, and sat on the couch in darkness with my coffee.
 Laura had rearranged the furniture about 6 months ago. She did a fine job at stream lining the house, but the table that we used to hold our TV had been relocated and in it's place was a piece that I made for my son's room some years ago.
 It was a fine little table that I made for him to proudly display his KISS figurine collection. For it's original purpose, it was great, for a TV stand....not so much.
 For 6 months it's been driving me crazy as I stare blankly at Sponge Bob fucking Square Pants episodes.
That damn table had been haunting me on a daily basis. Every time I'd plop down on the couch I'd look at that table and think to myself how I really need to make something more fitting.
 I decided to seize the moment that insomnia had provided me, and went to the shop to make a piece for the old dummy box.
It is made from left over scraps of steel and wood. The fact that I used scraps, dictated the table's size, shape, and function. I had an idea as I was driving to the shop, but the material I had to work with determined the final outcome.
 Here comes the life commentary part of the blog...
If there is something in your life that you don't like...shut up and change it.
 Free yourself from the things that disturb you, because until you make that change....shit ain't going nowhere.
The things that bother you don't get bored with tormenting you and just move on, ya gotta nudge em' out the door.
 That table bothered me for 6 months. Everyday I started my "down time" out with hating on that piece first, and then I moved on to hating childrens programming, and then....I was able to wind down.
 Yeah it took me 6 months, but that element is gone now.
 I love to bitch.
Everyone does. It's fun, and it can be liberating. But, ya gotta keep the subject matter fresh. If you bitch about the same thing all the time, it get's old, and the entertainment value of it is gone.
 Nobody wants to hear about how you hate your job, or your commute, or olives every fuckin day. It's funny at first, but let's move along, there's no shortage of things to bitch about.
 When you find yourself bitching about the same thing, THAT is when it's time to change those things.
I used to fight change. Change used to terrify me. Over the last 5 years I recognized that character trait and began to look for things to change. What I've discovered is that I'm happier, my life is more fluid, and I'm able to grow.
 It's mostly small changes that free up the most brain space for me. I wasn't feeling healthy so I forced myself back into the gym, I realized I was addicted to internet shopping, so I stopped. I hated that TV table, so I made a new one.
 It's just have to start to make those changes.

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