Monday, February 1, 2016


I am at my happiest when I'm in the shop working on a piece.
 From time to time our business pulls us out of our refuge.
Me and Zack have discovered that we have a 3 day shelf life when removed from the shop. We manage to have a lot of fun within those 3 days, but from day 4 and beyond...we tend to get a little crusty.
 This particular build out is for a company called Barrel House Music.
Usually we do these glass panel wall facades, but these guys were going for a "speak easy" vibe.
 We fabricated an old looking factory window because our client had been searching for one, but nothing they saw sparked their interest. That window inserted among the hand aged cladding and custom sliding door, took their vision where it needed to go.
 These projects always come out pretty cool...I just fucking hate doing them.
I really liked the client, I really like most of our clients, but these build outs are work to me.
 We try to have fun with these projects, but I'd rather be welding railroad spike hooks in the shop, just for the sake of being in the shop.
 At some point in my life, I became a recluse.
 At some point the world and it's offerings began to disappoint.
At some point I stopped searching for fulfillment outside of my environment, and began cultivating my own environment to cater to my comforts and safety.
 I stopped visiting other peoples battle grounds, but welcomed them into mine.
Some stayed, some left, some visit from time to time.
  Sometimes people are taken aback because I speak my mind, I go overboard, I cross lines, but that's who I am in my environment.
 When people come to the shop or my home, be prepared to leave your mask outside the door.
I think most customers appreciate it...eventually. They feel comfortable once it clicks that their bullshit will be recognized and not tolerated. Our space becomes comfortable to them, and their visions and ideas then have room to grow and expand. At least that's my intention.
 I stopped caring if people like me or not about 15 years ago.
That's the free part of freedom. I like me. I have to live in this skin everyday. I reap the benefits and suffer the losses from my actions. It's hard for me to apologize because I own my words and actions and refuse to cater to peoples insecurities.
 Own thy self.
Own everything about you. Stop blaming other people or other situations for your being.
 That's your freedom that no one can take away from you. Nobody can take you from you if you're true to yourself.
 It sounds like a bunch of self-help bullshit and has nothing to do with actually building furniture, but this blog has always been about what's at the front of my 4am (mostly).
 You're always invited to take from it what you will, that's why it's public.
This all stems from taking my son out last night. Walking through a vibrant area of Chicago I noticed that everyone seemed to be trying to BE something. It appeared to be one big masquerade party that nobody clued me in on.
 Is that life? Is that society? Is that what being social is? I don't fuckin' know.
I felt like I was in the last scene of "The Walking Dead", where everyone puts on a meat suit and attempts to navigate through a herd of zombies.
 Maybe my view is askew. Maybe I'm somehow wounded. Maybe. I like what I've created for myself, my friends, my family. Our shop has an open door, if you're not buying then you have to bring coffee or nutty bars, my home....that's some V.I.P shit.


  1. Thanks. If i get to Chicago I would love to visit your shop. How do you take your coffee?

  2. Thanks. If i get to Chicago I would love to visit your shop. How do you take your coffee?