Monday, March 14, 2016


For the past few months, we have been busier then we probably have ever been...which is a good thing.
 It's a good thing because in a not so far away past, what we did for fun and a creative outlet, transitioned into a business.
 In between all the builds that have taken place over the last few months, we have still made time to make little bullshit here and there just for the fuck of it.
 A coat rack, me and Zack made a couple different light sconce's, I made that little TV table, Zack is wrapping up a bad ass bench.
 You would think that after 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, the last thing one would wanna do  is build anything at all.
 I think the day that happens is going to be the day I hang my boots up.
Our work is like relationships.
 You meet a girl, you go out on some dates, you have a shit ton of fun, she slowly starts leaving her tooth brush, and her hair care products at your place until that day comes when she's full blown moved in.
 So now you 2 are shacked up, things are still fun and all, but shit starts to get real.
Splitting bills, cooking dinner, doing dishes, cleaning up after each other...but shit is still fun. You're still fucking all over the apartment like animals, palming her booty while she's making waffles, etc.
 Then she gets knocked up and shit gets really real...Now you're taking the kid to doctors appointments, changing shitty diapers, paying tuition, watching SHREK 700 times a day, going to soccer games, and all that other stuff.
 Here's the deal....if you aren't still palming the booty while she's making waffles, holding her hand when you walk through the mall, molesting each other every time the kid is out of ear shot...well then my friends, you can smile and wave at the passion when it pedals past you.
 Don't let the passion ride your bike. Passion is an asshole and it won't bring it back.
Me and Zack both have a laundry list in our heads of things we want to build for no particular reason at all.
 That list grows day by day.
As long as that list keeps getting longer, that means the longevity of our career gets longer as well.
 Another one of Zack's passion's is pimping out these old school bikes.
There are 2 at the shop now, and the other day my son got dropped off at the shop, so we hung up the tools and all 3 of us went and fucked around on the bikes.
 It was a great way to wrap up the week and let off a little steam.
Keep palming bootys.

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