Monday, April 4, 2016


 Focus is a term we only really think of when we're taking a photo, or aiming a gun, or walking on a tight rope across the Grand Canyon.
 Focus is a tool.
If you can harness the act of focusing, you are one unstoppable bastard.
 As of recently, we have mastered the art of being focused, and with that mastery, we have achieved what most would deem as impossible.
 Phase 2 of our restaurant build had it's deadline pushed 3 weeks. Not a day or 2...3 weeks.
When looking at the amount of work and then subtracting 180 working hours, it felt like having the wind knocked out of you.
 In that situation, a sense of being overwhelmed kicks in, and you waste a day or so just being "overwhelmed" and nothing really gets done.
 Usually being overwhelmed is a type of defense mechanism, that over time, helps put your tasks in perspective. Sometimes you need to be uncomfortable in order to get shit moving, like the dog has to stink before you bathe it, or your cars gas tank needs to be dangerously empty before you fill it up.
 We didn't have time for feeling overwhelmed.
My personal recommendation is to do the shit that you hate most...first.
 Make sure that you constantly joke about how much you hate doing the shit you hate, it's a sure way to bring the hate level down a few notches.
 The next step is to thwart distractions.
People love to come to our shop and share their hopes and dreams, or bounce their ideas, or complain about their situations.
 What we have discovered to be helpful in combating this situation, is to fill the shop with a combination of loud annoying music, sawdust, welding smoke, and the aroma of dangerously toxic chemicals.
 This method had worked so well that I thought about developing a scented candle and I would call it "get the fuck out of here".
 Saturday morning we had arrived at a point where everything was built and all the finish coats were drying.
We did it...again.
 We stayed the course, we focused, we thwarted distraction, and we got the job done.
A sense of accomplishment is the reward. Our skills, sharpened to the level of a surgeons scalpel.
 You can come out of a shitty situation better if you remain focused.
Not only is our business better from this situation, but I think we're better people from it too.

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