Monday, May 2, 2016


There are 2 main aspects to my work...
woodwork and metal work.
 I love them both equally. It's like having 2 children. You don't love one more than the other, you just love them differently.
  While spending 10 hours beneath a welding helmet, I made a discovery.
Metal work is male and wood work is female.
 The metal work is male because of a few things...
1. metal is what it is.
 There isn't much you can do to metal to alter what it truly is. It's strong and functional, and fairly unforgiving.
2. metal work is less complex.
 By "less complex" I mean that there are fewer steps involved to working metal. As long as you follow the process, metal will do what you want it to do.
3. metal is a foundation as well as a fix.
 A metal base is a strong base. It's heavy, and cold, but unwavering in it's purpose. As a fix, I'm referring to when we use metal gussets or straps to hold wood together

I could go on about the male properties of metal work, but you get the idea.
The wood work is female because of a few things...
1. wood needs to be selected.
With metal, you just place an order and pick it up. 1.5" square tube is always gonna be exactly 1.5" square tube, but wood,,,,you have to carefully select it.
 When you select wood, you're looking for pieces that are going to give you a beautiful end result.
You base your selection on the core of the piece as well as the flaws. You discard the twisted boards, and when you find the straight ones that have a few flaws, you determine how you can work those flaws to your advantage.
2.wood work is a lot of work and can be really messy.
There are more steps to working a piece of wood then there are with metal work.
 You select the wood, you clean the wood, you edge the wood, you join the wood, you sand the wood, you shape the wood, you sand the wood again, you put several coats of finish on the wood only to gently sand it one more time before adding the finished wood to your metal base to make a complete and beautiful piece.
3. wood closes the deal.
 When you buy a table, your eye goes to the top. A beautiful top sells the table...period.
A strong base with a fucked up top is unsellable.

Before I get some man-hating feminist sending me emails about what a chauvinist piece of shit I am, allow me to say this....Each material can stand alone and be equally beautiful.
 I've made stunning pieces from only wood as I have made equally stunning pieces made solely from steel.
It's when you bring the 2 together. It's when each material compliments the other. It's when these 2 very different materials work together to create a beautiful singular piece. It's when these 2 materials join as one and stand the test of time, through years of use and abuse this piece remains stoic and beautiful and unwavering in it's function....
 THAT my friends is motherfuckin' man and woman.

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