Monday, May 23, 2016


It's not very often I get burnt out.
 Everyone gets burnt out.
I mean, I love cheese burgers, but if I eat them every day, they lose their luster.
 I remember several occasions where I was on vacation and after 2 or 3 days in a beautiful place, doing nothing but fun shit...I was ready to go.
 My cure for being burnt out? Work harder.
Does my cure work? As of this particular moment...not even a little bit.
 It doesn't matter if I'm burnt out or not. I'm a dad. There are moments when I've been so sick of wiping asses, hearing about fucking super hero's, catering to a barrage of food and drink requests, spending wheel barrows of cash on stupid ass toys that will eventually end up in a land fill, that I want to launch myself off of the tallest building that I can find. I never stop being a dad though. I muscle through, I take my lumps and smile through it.
 My son has taught me to be selfless, whether I want to be selfless or not, I have no choice.
It's the same with my work.
 I love what I do. I love what me and Zack have built from absolutely nothing. We have fun, we have freedom, we lift each other up, we get better, we make each other better, and every now and then I get sick to death of making shit.
 I want to give another quick example of things I love/hate because at this very moment, I wanna tell you about my bird...
 I love this fucking bird. I really do, probably more than most people might love a bird, but at this very moment, I wanna punch this bird in it's fucking face because she is making such a ruckus that she is going to wake the entire block up. I won't punch her, because she's a tiny beautiful bird that loves me back unconditionally, and she's just being a bird...a very loud bird, but none the less.
 Let me run through a few things we've been making at the shop now that I've gotten all my "feelings" out of the way.
 First up is a 30' long table we did for a bar/restaurant in Chicago called "The Ogden".
It's 30' long. It's a table.
 Next are some serving trays we were commissioned by a catering company to create.
While a 30' table is way more impressive than some serving trays, the serving trays were actually more difficult.
 The 30' table is pretty cut and dry. There are a few details that make it special aside from it's length, but to try to make a simple serving tray interesting is not as easy as one may assume.
 It's like pasta. Pasta is always fucking pasta. It's only great pasta once someone adds something to it that makes you say "holy shit, that was some amazing pasta".
 That is the fun part of our job. Take something simple and make it interesting.
You nor I have any use for serving trays, but for a catering company, have these beautiful little appetizers being passed around. The chefs worked hard to create these small flavors that entice and excite their customers for their main course, and now, these little temptations are served on a piece of art.
 When we made these trays we didn't make them with the caterer in mind, we made them with their customers in mind.
 Back to the whole "burnt out" thing, as I write this silly little blog, I all of the sudden don't feel so burnt now.
Maybe THAT is the cure? Just bitch out for a minute and return to your regularly scheduled program.
 Get it off your chest. Bitch, complain, punch a wall (not a bird), do what you have to do to get it out of your system.
 Being "burnt out" means that you're working hard. It doesn't mean you're done.
If you're just skating by without a care in the world, then you're totally slacking.
 Get burnt out and get back to work. It's only when you feel that you have nothing left, that you'll push past your plateau.

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