Monday, June 20, 2016


We have been playing with these rusted finishes on table tops for a few months now.
 There are a couple of aspects that excite me about them...First off, you don't really see it done or at least done like we do them, very often. Secondly, it turns a simple table into a piece of art. True art, because there will never be 2 alike.
 We have been hunkered down with some of the most boring work a man can do...refinishing table tops. A seemingly endless barrage of fucking tabletops.
 The money is good, the work sucks balls, but you do what you have to do...until you freak out, say fuck the world and spend a day on making a steel and reclaimed wood chair.
 I wanted to make a reading chair for my lake cabin (which I don't own).
When you sand table tops all day, your mind wanders. Mine wandered to a lake cabin. In my head, the entire cabin has been built, and this chair will go on the wrap around porch.
 The chair is real, the cabin is very not real.
Today (as I write this) is Fathers Day.
 It's the one day that the guys who bust their ass to raise kids get props, and the shit bag dead beats get called out on social media.
 I'm a good dad.
In fact, I'm the dad I've always wished I had.
There is a big celebration planned for our commune today.
 Today we celebrate graduations, and birthdays, and oh yeah...fathers day.
The pool will be out, the kids will be going ape shit, we'll have great food and cake, and all of us fathers here will get the obligatory hug and a "happy fathers day".
 I'm being selfish because that's what fathers day is for.
It's the day when good fathers don't sacrifice anything. We're supposed to be able to do what we want with impunity...for one day.
 My idea of impunity would be to spend the day with Laura and Max at the dunes in Michigan.
I would read by the lake, Laura would sun worship, Max would jump over waves, and for a brief moment in time, all would be right with the world.
 But today's festivities  will include...children fighting, someone will get hurt, most likely a broken pool, adults will argue, someone is gonna cry, and at some point, Laura's mom will find a way to soak me, most likely someone is going to get offended and storm off and when the smoke dads will clean it all up.
Just a prediction, but I've seen this movie before.
 Ya know what though? It's all good.
All these kids, all these adults here...they're all fucking crazy.
 But they're my crazies.
The way our commune is set up we're all mothers and fathers to each others children, hell, we're mothers and fathers to each other.
 I don't get to read lakeside with my immediate family. I don't get peace and quiet.
I get to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful and interesting people on the planet. I get to watch a gang of children experience summer at it's finest.
 So today, instead of being a selfish prick (which I would totally fuckin bask in, if given the opportunity) I'm going to enjoy the love of family. I'm going to count my blessings with each water balloon that I fire off today.
 Not many people get to experience the family unit that we have in our commune here. It's a unique and beautiful situation.
 I'm gonna choose to embrace that.
I'm a good fuckin dad. I KNOW that. I don't need a card to remind me.
 Every wrinkle on my face, every gray hair, every burn and every scar, every ache and pain in my body...THOSE are my fathers day cards.
 I am fathers day everyday, because everything I do, and will do, is for my son.

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