Monday, June 27, 2016


 We banged out another piece for what we should call our "NINE INCH NAILS" line.
These pieces are a lot of fun to play with.
 Not many homes yield any all steel furniture. It would definitely call for a certain kind of living space, but that's kinda the point. We'll switch it up once West Elm or Restoration Hardware start doing it, but until then, we'll keep perfecting these pieces.
We spent the week doing a bunch of bullshit work. Refinishing/repairing 25 event tables offsite.
 It was pretty miserable. Not a lot of fun to be had, but rent is due, so we DO.
We wrapped it up early Saturday morning and Zack had mentioned a street fair/art fair by his house in Logan Square.
 For those of you that don't know about Chicago. Logan Square, not so long ago, was a shit hole.
Gang/junkie ridden area of Chicago that if you weren't in a gang, or going to buy drugs, you pretty much avoided.
 Well thanks to the beauty of gentrification, Logan Square is now the beard, tattoo'd woman, hipster mom, indy rock asshole capital of Chicago.
 I hadn't been to Logan Square for any length of time since the early 90's.
The last time I was there, I was walking back to the train station after going to some punk rock show one night and I was surrounded by about 8 to 10 Spanish Disciples (one of Chicago's wonderful gang offerings).
 I was a kid. A white kid. A white kid with a mohawk who was on the brink of most likely getting beaten to death on a poorly lit residential street.
 I was doing a really shitty job of talking my way out of that ass beating, when this guy pulls up in a car.
I knew this guy was pretty high ranking amongst them by the way that they parted like the red sea when he exited the car to most likely...kill me.
 I think I had my eyes closed, awaiting the impact, when the big dog says "what you doin' here bitch?"
I opened my eyes, and said "holy shit...Eddy? Eddy Munoz???"
 I went to school with Eddy. Eddy hugged me and said "B! what cho' been up to fool?!"
The shit that was about to end up in my pants had made it's way back into my lower intestine at that moment.
 We chatted a bit as the Spanish Disciples escorted me to the train station. I received an escort because according to them, Latin Kings had been shooting up the block earlier.
 Came to find out that not long after my reunion with Eddy, he was shot and killed.
Me and Max were taking the train to Logan Square to meet up with Zack and his wife, to check out the art fair.
 Max loves taking the train places, and I love that he's learning how to navigate the city.
While on the train, and pretty much the whole evening I couldn't stop thinking about how I can't save my son from a world gone apparently mad.
 Every person on the train had their faces buried in their phones, except the crazy guy who kept waving and making faces at my son. We get off one train to switch to another and are accosted by homeless people begging for change. We change trains downtown and there are quite a few obvious tourists and I don't even see them as "people" I see them as soon to be "victims".
 You can actually SEE the shit birds downtown stalking these tourists like a vulture would a dying calf.
I want to enjoy the evening with my son, but I can't suppress the overwhelming feeling of wanting to get home, pack up, and move him some place SAFE.
 Some place he can be a kid. A place where he doesn't have to navigate homeless beggars, or junkies, or self absorbed assholes. A place where we don't have to be able to differentiate gun shots from fireworks and their proximity to us.
 Crazy, self absorbed, rude, and just plain mean have become acceptable behavior.
I made a disturbing discovery about myself on our urban journey.
 As much as the world has seemingly gone animalistic, I too have become an animal.
I travel the city with my son prepared to KILL anyone that threatens us.
 I carry no thoughts of repercussions or consequences. I exit our home prepared for battle.
When the fuck did THAT happen?
 Why is that even a thought?
I'm just going to a stupid art fair and I'm prepared to kill for my son.
 I have gone mad along with the rest of the world.
Maybe it's not the rest of the world. Maybe it's just the city.
 If that's the case, then maybe it's time to leave the city.
I've lived in other places and other places aren't like it is here. Sure they had their issues, but nothing like here.
 I remember a time when I would have read a news report in disbelief, that spoke of a woman being stabbed and her throat slit at a train station. Now? I read the headline and think to myself "that sucks" and proceed to check AIR BNB for a Michigan rental.
 Not so long ago, maybe just a couple of years ago, I wasn't so calloused.
I remember reading a story of a little Jewish boy who was abducted and chopped up in tiny pieces in Brooklyn.
 I sat at my laptop and wept.
I cried for that little boy as if my tears would have put him back together.
 Now? I probably would not have the same reaction, and I think that's fucked up.
As much as I speak of humanity and the lack thereof...I too have lost mine.
 Happy Monday!

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