Monday, June 6, 2016


When I walked in the shop on Monday morning, I would have bet the farm that the week would be a total wash.
 As I came into the shop that morning clutching my coffee cup, I saw Zack ripping the chop saw table off the wall and a few Romanian construction workers scratching their heads and looking confused.
 A small corner of our shop was getting "imminent domained" to make way for a hallway to connect 2 sides of the building as per fire code.
 I have no problem with that. A little notice would be nice though. Corporate knows how to send an email when your rent is due or your parking is being pulled due to a movie shoot, but they seem to have forgotten our email address when the Romanian version of Bob the fucking builder is about to go full on Kool-Aid through the wall where we cut our material.
 I like these Romanian guys...they are really sweet big smelly guys, and at one point I was pretty sure they were going to attempt to build this hallway with the sheer power of their minds, by the way they stared at the space for seemingly hours on end.
 3.5 days later, the corner of the shop was now a public hallway and our business could continue.
Somehow, even with the Romanian invasion, we were able to knock out a rolling bar prototype for a rental company, a giant 6' long coffee table for a restaurant, along with 3 restaurant table top samples, we also refinished 2 more table tops for another restaurant, as well as did some fire code work for the building.
 The Makers...we're 2 guys. That's it.
 We divide and conquer, because we have to.
I noticed the Romanians watching in amazement as we performed our ballet.
 Focus, stay the course, and go.
I think from time to time people get the impression that we're assholes.
 We're actually the opposite, it just comes across that way because we don't have time for "hopes and dreams" discussions.
 If someone tells us exactly what they want built...consider it done. If someone comes in and starts with " I, um, was wondering, if you could, a...ummmm, thing to um.... hold these things that we um...."
Bitch, spit it out. We have no idea how to build "UM" whatever the fuck "UM" is.
 If we're in the middle of building stuff and have to stop to listen to you stutter through a simple thought process, I can testify that I'm going to come off as an asshole.
 It boils down to time.
Time dictates everything.
 A huge problem with the world in general is a lack of respect for someone else's time.
We have all experienced that asshole at the coffee shop who has been standing in front of you in line for 10 minutes, and as soon as it's their turn to order...they have no idea what they want. You had 10 minutes to figure that shit out!
 It's humanity.
Me and Zack had to meet a potential client at their location.
 The meeting was scheduled for 11am. We were there at 10:50. 10;55 I get a text stating they couldn't make it until 11;30. Fuck it, it's a retail corridor so me and Zack figure we'll walk around, do some window shopping, kill some "time".
 We're walking down the street behind these 2 women and Zack points to a name tattoo'd on the one womans neck. The name happened to be the same name of the potential client.
 Coincidence? These 2 woman are taking their sweet time, window shopping, chatting away, and I'm thinking "this can't be the woman."
We walk past them and wait in front of the location to meet our client.
 The 2 women dip into a coffee shop, and Zack and myself twiddle our thumbs. 11;45, I text the client to ask for an ETA.
 Sure as shit, this bitch stumbles outta the coffee shop upon getting my text and heads our way.
That meeting was over before it started.
Time is more valuable than money. If you don't respect my time, you don't respect me, and if you don't respect me, we have nothing to talk about.
 Chances are...If I'm coming off as an's most likely because You're wasting my time.
Time is more valuable than money because I can always find a way to make more money, but there are only so many hours, minutes, and seconds that I'm allotted, and the fucked up thing is, I have no idea how many of those hours, minutes, and seconds I've been given. In fact...I'm pretty sure I have more time behind me, than I do in front of me, so, MY time as well as YOUR time is as precious as it is limited.