Monday, July 25, 2016


Before I left on my camping trip, we had a project to wrap up.
 It was a fairly easy project consisting of a bar height long table and some stage/seating.
The steel arrow towel rack was a result from me sitting on my toilet looking at the back of my bathroom door and realizing that we have a rack that holds 2 towels while there are 3 of us living here.
 Truth be told, I don't want my son drying his face with a towel that I dry my balls with.
I send him to private school, feed him organic food, keep him dressed well, and ensure his toy collection is on point, yet allow him to use a towel that has visited my ass crack? Well, that doesn't make any sense.
 I had no idea what I was going to make when I got to the shop, but I had to make something interesting to a 6 year old so that he would actually use it, otherwise the 3rd towel would live on the floor.
 Sometimes you need to step back, take a moment, and just make shit right.
The front brakes on my truck were wonky....for almost a year. Every time I got in my truck I cringed when I had to apply the brakes...for a year. What a dumb ass way to start my day. I made every excuse in the world to not get them fixed up until the week before I was going to drive across state lines to go camping.
It took a total of 2.5 hours to get them fixed and free my mind.
 These 2 little scenarios prompted a massive change in my life.
Handle your shit. Don't talk about it, don't bitch about it, don't avoid it, just handle YOUR shit.
 It's a rewarding experience, and your life becomes less cluttered.
For me, less brain clutter means more room for creativity and a better opportunity to be in your moments.
 It's kind of like the way we build at the shop. We usually start with the hard shit just to get it out of the way so that the journey to completion is a pleasant one.
 In my earlier blog posts I had talked about overcoming fears. I can attest that winning my battle over fear has changed my life. I see the potential for positive change in this new battle of handling shit as it comes up instead of running from it.
 We're all damaged goods, some more than others, but in my opinion, if I can acknowledge problems within myself, then I can damn sure fix those problems.
 If you came to me and said "damn, this heroin addiction is causing me some real problems", well, we can now cross off all the things that you blame your woes on regularly, such as, my wife, my job, my kids, my car, property taxes, the weather etc. We can ascertain that all the things that you feel are dragging you down most likely aren't the problem because you were able to recognize that heroin was your you should probably start by fixing that.
 Probably not the greatest of analogies, but you get my point.
I will now present a analogy to you on how by changing your perspective, this new battle becomes easier...
Every day I come home from the shop, go in the fridge, grab a bottle of Virgils orange dreamsickle soda, go out on the back porch, kick off my boots, and stare at a bag of garbage that needs to be taken to the trash can. I have spent years cursing that bag of garbage, asking the universe "why do I have to take this bag of garbage to the can every goddamn day of my life?!" Until it dawned on me....that's just what the fuck you have to do. It's a part of your day like wiping your ass or drinking water. You are a family of 3, you are going to produce at least a bag of garbage a day, and you will take that bag and place it in the receptacle until the day you fuckin die. And just like that, it's no longer a big deal, or a subject to bitch about.
 Recognize it, accept it, fix it, and move on.
The formula works.

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