Monday, October 10, 2016


One thing I can tell you about steel is that it's heavy...and usually really dirty.
 This wood and steel desk with a steel side table that has a railroad tie steel plate base was one of the most fulfilling builds.
 When you get steel in a raw form, it's very unlike wood in the sense that with wood, you can see the potential it has by just looking at it. Steel on the other hand is very cold, very dirty/oily and your ability to manipulate it into something warm and strong isn't apparent upon first sight.
 Steel puts up a fight where wood almost wants you to mold and shape it.
We like a good fight.
 The desk was moved into the office of our client from GERTRUDE INC. on Thursday, on by Saturday the owner had already had the front panel graphic applied, which brought a whole new element to this piece.
 We have always played with steel.
As our comfort and command of it has grown, so has our implementation of it to where it becomes the dominating element.
 Zack attends a lot of these street fairs and art fairs, and always returns to the shop with stories about dudes selling gas pipe lamps, and wood slab tables, and shit made from gym floors and all kinds of wacky material. He says it's the same guys, selling the same shit, show after show, street fair after street fair.
 We don't do the street fair circuit, so my first thought is usually "who cares", when in reality...I care.
I'm glad Zack and his wife hit those things up, because I don't get out enough to see what's out there. It's important to know what everyone is doing because if everyone is making a right turn...we're going left.
 Nobody makes it out of our shop alive when they mention "gas pipe" or "live edge" these days.
If someone wants a gas pipe table base, I'll gladly direct you to some arts and crafts website, or you can just go to Home Depot buy a shit ton of pipe and fittings, and once you've screwed all the pieces together and created your "piece", be sure you show me a photo on your phone of your creation so I can congratulate you on mastering the equivalent of fucking Tinker-Toys.
 It happens all the time. You meet someone, they ask what you "do" (like my answer is going to dictate if this asshole accepts me or not) I tell them I make furniture, and they whip out their phone and show me the gas pipe shelf they made..."wow bro,,,looks like you screwed those pieces of pipe together pretty well".
 Please don't do that shit.
That would be like me asking someone what they do, and when they say "I'm an accountant", I bust out my 2013 tax return and I'm like "duuuude....check THIS out! Fuckin' Turbo Tax...did that shit MYSELF! BAM! $163 refund". Pretty dicky, right?
 We live this shit.
Me and Zack have dedicated our lives to this.
 This is how we feed our families.
Show those photo's of your art project to your momma, cause she'll be real proud.
 Show it to us? Things will get really uncomfortable.
You see, we've spent thousands of hours, spent thousands of dollars, lost sleep, missed family gatherings, missed my sons swim classes, been caught on fire, bled...repeatedly, been so fucking broke that the prospect of blowing dudes under a viaduct in order to purchase polyurethane and welding wire just might not be such a bad idea....well you get the point.
 Sticking feathers in your ass doesn't make you a chicken.
I encourage people to create. Just execute a little respect to those that do it for a living.

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