Monday, October 24, 2016


After 2 years in a basement shop at Lacuna Artist Lofts, the MAKERS are leaving the nest and spreading their wings.
 It's been a long and bittersweet road.
We've made a lot of friends and a lot of connections. We've had an extremely bi-polar run of very high highs, and really fuckin' scary lows.
 Me and Zack have spent damn near everyday, laughing, creating, struggling, consoling, cheering each other on, catching on fire, searching for the right music to fuel our day, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and started chasing our dream in this space.
 Nothing lasts forever.
That space was home...and not just to us.
 Most of you  never got a chance to come to the shop, but for many of the other tenants in the building, it was a place to escape for a moment, get inspired, steal some coffee, have cool shit made, or get a quick handmade gift.
 It was the place my son burned his first weld, learned how to drill, learned how to drive a nail. His mom would drop him off from time to time on her way to work, and Zack stocked Max's desk up with comic books and art supplies, and always had the best snacks handy for my little guy. I watched Zack and my son form a bond not like a uncle/nephew or "the guy my dad works with", but more like old friends that are always excited to see each other.
 We started our journey, not on a quest for fame and fortune, but to be independent. Free from a boss or a cubicle. Free to create, free to excel, free to grow.
 There are perks to our new space.
Ground floor, loading dock right at our door, 25' ceilings, a window, and about 200 new tenants and business's that we've yet to meet.
 But home is home.
You'll never forget the house that you grew up in, and we both did a whole lot of fuckin' growin' up in that shop.
 There's some asshole out there that said "change is good.", but that jerk off never had to move a 300lb. table saw, or 3-100lb. drill presses, or a slew of massive work tables, from one place to another in order to get some of that good change.
 Change is only good if you make it good.
The politics and financial burden of moving has been a real drag, and we're eager to get set up and functioning within the next week. We just wanna build. We don't wanna spend hours on the phone with Suzy Wongs cut rate insurance, or parade electricians through the new space, or comb over a lease, or any of that adult shit that goes along with being a business...just wanna build...that's it. is where I give a big warm verbal hug (cause I'm not a touchy feelie kinda guy) to all those people that touched our daily lives at Lacuna...Joey Cacciatorie, the GERTRUDE INC. crew, Limitless, Black Ink Crew, LM Catering, Alonzo, Fern, Fernando, the Polish plumbers, that Albert Einstein looking electrician and his band of gypsy sparkies, the DJ firm, the gay dude that's always singing in the hallways, Lilly, Charlie the barber (even though I have no idea what you're saying 90% of the time), Cheppe' and Ronaldo, RNG Engineering, Duro and that fat bastard Soreen, and all the nameless people that I've been saying "good morning" to for the last 2 years.
 No longer will you be subjected to the smell of burning metal, or hear TOOL or NWA blaring from the basement, you'll no longer be in danger of having your head smashed in as we try to cram 20' lengths of steel down the stairs, you'll be safe from the 2 dirty bastards riding bicycles through the halls...and you'll all miss every second of it.
peace out.


  1. Best of luck to you and Zack in your new digs!! The future is bright!