Monday, December 26, 2016


I thought I wasn't gonna blog until the new year, but, with a lot of people off of work, and me being awake at an ungodly hour, I figured I'd kill some time while I wait for the gym to open.
 Christmas....I thought it was going to be disastrous, but ended up being probably one of the best.
All the shit that leads up to it...the elf on the shelf bullshit, my sons obsessive compulsiveness over toys, the shopping, the god awful traffic, the sheer disgusting consumerism that we have been programmed to put ourselves in debt to buy people shit they don't need, the cooking, the cooking gone wrong, the multiple family visits, the constant barrage of Christmas music, the same 4 Christmas movies played over and over, etc. When the smoke was really a wonderful time spent with wonderful people, and nothing makes about 40 days of bullshit better, than the joy of children. That shit is  priceless.
 Maybe it's age, maybe it's hectic life schedules, but for me, being able to spend good quality time with people I love, if only for a few hours over a couple of days, holds a value beyond anything else. It should be something practiced well over the once a year Holiday debacle.
 The clock starts ticking the minute we pop out of the vagina. We never know how long we have. Some people's time is cut shorter than others, so it would be in our best interest to make these minutes count. The fucked up thing is that, for me, I didn't take my time limit into consideration until about middle age. I was pretty sure I was gonna live forever when I was a younger asshole. The reality, as painful as it is, is that your days are numbered, and you have been left out of the loop on just how many days you get. it up. Make shit count. Chuck your grudges. Be kind. Enjoy life.
Ah, well, that was kind of depressing.
 Hey...we made some cool shit.
First one up...the Cafe Camp out chair.
 Hand painted steel base, wood seat and back, attached table and coat hook.
Made for a cafe where your fat ass is planted drinking over priced bean water, staring at a laptop trying to look busy, independent, and oh so important....this ones for you douche' bag.
 Next up...Hand painted steel arrow hanger.
Made as a Christmas present for Zack, cause I'm broke as fuck.
Hand painted rebar and old growth coffee cup tree.
 Made as a gift for the person in my Secret Santa.
Kinda gay, but totally useful.
 No I didn't make the cups, bought that shit on sale at Target, in fact, there were only 3, and I lifted the 4th out of an old lady's shopping cart (what was she gonna do with one coffee cup anyway?)
Friday, Zack was tucked in the corner of the shop doing some secret type of shit. I sauntered over and caught a glimpse of him carving and Old English "B" into a slab of leather. I carried on with my work and at the end of the day, he hands me a hand made, hand carved, veg tan leather belt, he mutters something which I translated as "Merry Christmas", and then adjourned back to his work bench.
 On my drive home that night, I had a moment to take in just how lucky I am.
When I got home on the eve of Christmas Eve, the house was full of kids, Laura and her niece were running out for last minute Christmas shopping, and when they returned we went out for pizza, and the stage was set for what ended up being a beautiful Christmas.
 I'm're probably lucky too...don't take it for granted.

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