Monday, January 30, 2017


One of the features on the upcoming website is going to be a store.
 That's great right?
You will be able to order items that are easy to ship like the 2 items shown in the photos, along with t-shirts, the staple railroad spike hooks and.....and....uh....and...
 That's the hard part.
We can make just about anything.
I'm extremely confident in that statement. But the creative process is the most frustrating part. Always has been and always will be.
 It's not always a question of "what" to make. Sometimes the question is "is this something I can feel good about making 10,15,20,100 times a week?"
 At the end of the day, any given piece that comes out of our shop has only had a maximum of 4 hands on it.
It's me and Zack and that is it.
 This weekend, we took our son to the Museum of Science and Industry.
I had a hard time containing my excitement because apparently a lot has fuckin' changed since my 5th grade class field trip.
 As someone who is sort of in the manufacturing business, it was very interesting and exciting until we reached a thing the called "the TOYMAKER3000".
 You put a $5 bill in a machine, choose a color, type your kids name in, and then you watch the completely automated process of a TOP being assembled all the way through packaging and distribution.
 Max was elated with his new top, and I was utterly disgusted and depressed.
Prior to visiting the TOYMAKER3000 I was fixated on a World War 2 section of the museum where it was showing factories bustling with humanity making things that would ultimately decimate humanity, but none the less, it was humans working side by side. A lot of the photos depicted these men and women looking filthy and tired, but what I noticed in most of the photos, was that they were smiling.
 Then we scurry over to the toy machine, and no human. No need,
Somewhere down the road of life, humanity has become de-valued.
 Not just in a sense of work or industry, but in general.
Fuckin' women having their heads chopped of in Saudi Arabia, children starving in Syria and Venezuela and a million other places, people gunned down in the streets of Chicago, and a long list of daily atrocities against humanity, and why?
 Because the human life has been de-valued.
Even down to dating. Now, people just go to or Tinder or Christian Dating, and you just scroll through, find a mate, and boom...yer balls deep in someone.
 There's a value to going to a bar, or a party, striking up a conversation with a person, and either striking out or hitting a home run, that has been stripped away.
 It's fuckin sad, disgusting, and pathetic, and that's become the norm.
We have a rule for guests in my house, and that rule is, when you walk in, you put your phone on the counter.
 If you're gonna be here, then be HERE. You don't like it? Get the fuck out. Period.
The answer isn't a wall, or a tax, or a embargo, or a war.
 The answer is a value and respect for humanity, the human hand, the human brain, the human heart.
I can't say it's THE answer, but I can say it's MY answer.
 Go forth and try to be human.

Monday, January 23, 2017


Man...what a week.
 Things started off well until Tuesday when I got home from work.
Kicked off the boots, hopped in the shower and realized I felt kinda weird.
 Made my boy some dinner and afterwards while we were walking the dog, I started puking like the fuckin' Exorcist. I made it back in the house and hugged the toilet bowl for about 20 minutes, My boy checked on me periodically to make sure I wasn't dead.
 The next morning I text Zack to inform him I wouldn't be in.
I've taken one day off in the last 2 years, and on this day, I stayed in bed until my son got home from school.
 I made him dinner to which he shortly launched it directly in my lap.
I was on the mend, but he had it bad.
 I made it to work the next day feeling like utter shit, but we knocked out a little job for VH1, and the minute we wrapped, I headed home to play nurse.
Thursday and Friday we wrapped up a couple giant 4X8 butcher block prep tables and a little coffee prep table for the bakery build out.
 Friday on my way home from work it hit me...Donald Trump became the president of the United States of America, Really? The dude from Home Alone 2, and the TV show that fires people, THAT is the dude driving the bus now?
 Don't get all fuckin worked up, because the people that love him...they would suck his dick on the 50 yard line at the Superbowl, and the people that hate him, would mutilate their own genitalia on the same 50 yard line. The relationship with this guy is an extreme love/hate, and I for one put zero energy into liking or disliking this president or any other president.
 In my house, in my world...I'm the fuckin' president.
I'm responsible for keeping 2 humans, 1 dog, and 1 bird, happy and healthy, alive and well.
 Be the president of your own life.
Once you become president of your own life, ask yourself "am I a good president?".
 We're so easily distracted by "issues" and seldom do we conquer our own issues.
How can you act globally when your own life is a disaster. How can you put any faith in a government that only acknowledges you by your social security number and your tax returns?
 You're a 9 digit number to the powers that be, but I'm "Brian" and "Dad' to the people in MY "country".
The pot has finally boiled over in our country, and the proof of that happened on Saturday when an entire fucking gender took to the streets.
 The beauty of those marches was that they weren't necessarily protesting Donald Trump per se, it was a show of voice, it was an unprecedented show of unity, it was a sign of a undeniable force.
 We need more of that.
People need to stand up more and in numbers to make sure the governing body does right by the people,
and WE...need to get our shit together.
 Some of you will say that I'm being selfish by retracting into my own little world and claiming to be president. Allow me to explain...
 We live in a country where people are STILL being judged by skin color and by what does or doesn't dangle between their legs. How fucking ridiculous is that? What is even more pathetic is that, THAT is the core...the fucking CORE of a lot of the issues.
 I don't wanna play with you guys. If that's your mindset....enjoy the sandbox all by yourselves.
Some of you will get my point, and some won't. The beauty of a blog is that the shit I write isn't up for discussion. You read it, take from it what you will, and move along.
 President Brian fuckin' McQuaid...signing off.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Happy New Year to all.
 We're starting 2017 off with a cafe/bakery build.
There are a lot of different pieces to be made like display counters, coffee stations, shelving, bench seating, etc., and we've already made 3 of these communal tables
 It's a good way to start the year and one could only hope it's a catalyst for what's to come.
Zack is chugging away on the website, as I have succumbed to the fact that I am technologically inept.
 It'll be nice to direct customers to a website as opposed to showing them photos of our work on our phones. It'll also be good for those who want to purchase items that are easily shipped.
 One of those easily shipped items will be the tshirts which are in design mode right now and I've procured the help of artist Brian Busch (google him) to do some lettering work.
 So there is some exciting shit happening for 2017.
New Years Eve, we were all sitting around chatting, and people we're announcing their resolutions, and when the potato landed in my lap...I had nothing.
 My mantra has always been "don't make promises you can't keep".
Did I look back on the previous year and contemplate where changes for improvement could be made? really. I'm pretty aware of my shortcomings, and I'm pretty good at attacking em' on the fly.
There are things we can change and there is this thing called the universe which will just have it's fucking way with you no matter what you resolve to do.
 The universe always seems to find a way to give you the proverbial ass fucking throughout the year, no matter what you do, or how hard you work, or how committed to your resolve you are.
 It's the universe. It gets really bad PMS from time to time and we are merely human tampons.
I've learned over the years that no matter how great things are going, to always be prepared to get kicked in the teeth.
 Remember those "Life's a Beach" tshirts from the 80's or 90's?
Life is kind of a beach. One minute your having a good ol' time, and before you know it, you're stuck in a rip current with sharks circling you.
 Swim parallel to the shore line and slowly make your way back to shore.
Don't drown.
 All you have to do is NOT fucking drown.
When the universe has stuck it's universal sized penis in your ass...swim parallel to the shore and don't fucking drown.
 Stay calm, stay focused, and you will make it back to shore.
So, in closing maybe I do have a resolution for 2017. No, it's not to avoid drowning, I mean, that's just a given. It's more about staying calm and focused.
 Those 2 traits aren't gonna save you from a universal ass fucking. That's coming at some point. But staying calm and focused is gonna get ya through it.