Monday, March 20, 2017


Every morning I stumble out of bed, dodge Legos on my way to the coffee pot, fire up the laptop, check the weather and my horoscope, and then move on to Facebook were I'm pelted with inspirational quotes and memes that ultimately make me we wanna puke.
 I hop over to Instagram where I'm hoping to be saved by photos of guns and motorcycles, but I'm stopped dead in my tracks by a post from DannyDixxon from
 I don't remember the exact post, but after reading it, I was overwhelmed by a sense of hope.
Things have been rough for me lately.
 My fathers health and it's effect on our family, work and financial stress just reigning punches down on me, a constant feeling of being on the verge of drowning at the shallow end of the pool.
 Like I said, I can't remember the exact post, but it definitely cleared some of that head fog, and I felt positive again.
 I shot him a message, letting him know that his post gave me some hope, and we went back and forth for a little bit and my attitude and outlook has been changed for the better.
I made him this helmet rack with the leather stitched double X's as a sign of gratitude.
 Follow DannyDixxon on Instagram. There's a lot of shenanigans but a ton of positive stuff coming from a guy who clawed his way to where he is now, and knows the road to being in business for yourself.
 He told me 3 things to do when the chips are down and you wanna quit.
1.Dig deep
2.Get more creative
2.Become more social
 The next piece is a result of #2 on that list.
 We had to deliver some product to or retailer Jaunt in Arlington Heights ( and they sent us home with some slab tables to be re worked because they just wouldn't sell in their current state.
 The next morning me and Zack re worked one of the legs from the slab table, into this sleek 2 tier walnut side table.
 Our best work comes out on these collaboration pieces.
Very little discussion takes place. Each person plays off what the other is doing, and it all falls into place flawlessly.
 One day I want to set up a GOPRO camera, so you all can witness the process. I think that people would see what it's like when things get created from the soul. There's a lot of staring and walking around the piece being created that would have to be edited, but that's the process.
 If you know us, and you know our work, you'd be able to see this piece somewhere and be able to say "that's some MAKERS shit right there."
 That's the goal.
You see a Nakashima table and you know it's Nakashima, you see a Dunbar chair and you know, or a George Nelson piece....That is the end game.
 When your work is defined by itself, and it can stand alone and say it's name without speaking...THAT is a makers nirvana.
 Following your passion and listening to your creative soul is a bumpy ride. You have to have balls of steel and know how to take punches when they come in bunches.
 You have to get up, wipe off the blood and tell the universe that she punches like a little bitch. Or you can stay down, turtle up, and live with defeat.
 I can't live with defeat.
I can't tap out.
 I can only dig deep, I can only get more creative in my attack.
In the end, you can't throw your hands up and say "it just didn't work out", because YOU created the "IT".
 "IT" didn't give up...YOU did.

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