Monday, April 24, 2017


The first "MAKER" made bar cart happened a couple of years ago by Zack and promptly found it's way to his living room.
 Since that one left, we had talked about making more, but never got around to it.
Fast forward to now, and the last one we made went to our retailer (Jaunt) and didn't last long there, as it was snatched up by an interior designer, so of course we had to make another one.
 Next up is the motorcycle helmet/jacket rack version 2.0.
Version 1 was all steel, and version 2 gets warmed up with wood.
 I'm sorry but wood and steel are like bacon and eggs, it's just never wrong.
The merging of motorcycle culture with what we do is something that's been a long time coming.
 When you look at motorcycle culture with it's engineering, attention to detail, it's ruggedness, it's vintage appeal, it's quest for freedom, etc...well, I just had to find a way to bring the 2 together.
 As "dirtbag" as the biker life style may appear, there's also a elegance to it, and that's where we try to wiggle our way in to it.
 Speaking of "merging", the last photo is a merge of classic mid century modern, with a dirtbag MAKER appeal.
 All steel coffee table with custom rusted top.
The appeal of mid century stuff has always been it's super clean lines. Well, the lines don't get any fuckin' cleaner than they do on this little bastard, but the material and it's application tug it towards a different direction.
 As I read back on this particularly boring post, I have to help out the readers that can't read between the lines here, because there is a underlying theme...
Be the game changer,
 It doesn't really matter what you do, but whatever that thing is that you it differently. (like putting 3 "do's" in a row in one sentence).
 Find an angle and work it, customize it, change it, and own it.
We all strive to be different. We color our hair, put jewelry in our genitals, tattoo our faces, etc. We go to great lengths to separate ourselves  from the herd, while simultaneously thirsting for acceptance.
 There are a lot of cats out there that do what we do. Some suck, some do cool shit, but the pool is deep.
Our daily battle is always "how do we make this cooler?"
 Even if it's just a teeny weeny itsy bitsy bit cooler on the simplest of things, the bar needs to be raised.
THAT is what is going to separate you from every other swingin' dick out there.
 There are 2 things that scare the shit out me...1. being mediocre and 2. Great white sharks.
I've thrown a lot of shit in the garbage because I wasn't proud of it. I'm not delusional. I know that I'm not going to hit a home run every time I step to the plate. But every time I do step up to the plate, I'm going to try and hit that fuckin' ball as hard and as far as I possibly can.

Monday, April 10, 2017


Lots of stuff happening in MAKERS land.
 The first jammy is a Walnut, steel, and reclaimed wood rolling bar, which was made for our retailer Jaunt in Arlington Heights.
 We had made the trek out there a couple of weeks ago to drop off some goods, and they sent us back with a few live edge slabs to do "something" with.
 One of those slabs happened to be a live edge walnut piece. It was a really funky shape. It was one of those things where you're like "that's really fuckin' cool, but what the hell do I do with it?".
Well...that's kind of what we do. We take some shit that you wouldn't think could be much of anything and weave it into something rad.
 What it was woven into, was a 2 tier rolling bar, with the walnut slab being the serving tier.
Before I move on to the next items, I gotta vent.
 I know a lot of you love it when I go off on a tangent.
Zack was reading a article in a certain magazine which featured a build out that we did awhile ago.
 As he read on, he stated to me "next month they're featuring the top 5 "MAKERS" in Chicago".
I said to him "did you do a interview, because I don't remember doing a fuckin' interview".
 I don't want to sound like I downed a big ol' cup of hater-aid, but I'll be damned if I didn't have a "what the fuck?" moment.
 I mean we have literally yanked material from garbage cans and whipped them into pieces that have sold for thousands (plural) of dollars.
 I mean who is more definitive of a "maker" than the guys who call themselves the fuckin' MAKERS?
I was kinda bummed out.
 I had a moment where I was like "exactly who's dick do I have to suck on to get an old fashioned atta boy?"
 The thought was fleeting, and whoever it is exactly, well...they can suck their own dick.
We have operated on fumes. We have fought for every penny we've ever earned. In our darkest moments, we have continued to create beautiful pieces, and will continue to do so.
 We don't do what we do to win popularity contests.
Quite the contrary, we're way more "go fuck yourself" than we are "look at me".
 So, Kudos to the top 5 makers in Chicago next month, because that accolade and $3 will get you a cup of coffee.
 Just had to get that shit off my chest...moving along...
Steel motorcycle helmet and jacket holder prototype for THE BIGGEST MOTORCYCLE MANUFACTURER IN THE FUCKING WORLD -TOP 5 MAKERS IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!! (heh-heh)
 There's changes being made to it, and that's the fun of prototyping. They have ideas, you have ideas, and little by little they merge into something great.
 Lastly is my night job.
Me, my son, and my brother in law are doing a little apparel company called Pilsen Mfg.
 It's a way to teach my son work ethic, me to poke around in an industry that I have a love for, and my brother in law is the guy bringing it all together.
 The Japanese have been doing reproductions of American work wear since the early 90's.
They mostly keep those wears on Japanese soil to avoid legal issues.
 Our first offering is a reproduction from the defunct Fincks Overall Company out of Detroit.
As a kid, my grandfather had some Fincks stuff, and I was in awe of the pig. I didn't know what the hell the slogan meant back then, but as I grew up, I based my wardrobe on durability, meaning the clothing I wear has to be "as tough  as a pigs nose".
 I almost felt compelled to just get that one out of my system for sentimental reasons, before we move on to original designs.
 So...go to and pick up a shirt if ya got a few extra bucks burning a hole in yer pocket.
 I think people truly WANT to support small business's, but just don't know where to go.
I get it. Most small business's are just kind of stumbled upon as there isn't an advertising budget.
 I think I'm going to compile a list over the next few months, not just to help fellow business's, but to show people that there is a community of dream chasers out there that deserve to be supported.
 It's way more personal when you shop small and you generally get better product because the little guy can't afford to shit the bed.
It's Monday...another chance to do better.
 Till next time...keep the wheels spinin' and the beaver grin'n.